Greece and the Cyclades


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Greece and the Cyclades

1. By Land -- A Classical Tour of Greece
could include an escorted land tour to the theater of Epidauros, Mycenea, Olympia, and Delphi.  Visit Byzantine sites such as monasteries on the rocks of Meteora and St. Andrew's at Patras. While in Athens visit the National Archaeological Museum and ancient sites such as the Acropolis and the temple of Poseidon at Sunio. Take a day trip to an island by flying dolphin hydrofoil.

2. By Sea -- Visit the Greek islands on a cruise or be more independent and take a ferry island to island. Options include a Mediterranean cruise, prearranged flights and hotels.  Perhaps you would prefer ferries between islands.  A combinations of options could include starting from Athens, fly to Santorini, take a ferry to Mykonos with a side trip to Delos, and then on to a less traveled island such as Samos.

Book a Vacation to Greece!

Perhaps you know exactly where you want to go, desire specific accommodations and know all the options on how to get there. If so...let’s book your trip now.

If you just have that undefined yearning to “get away,” or if there is someplace that it “calling to you,” let’s talk.

above--Mykonos and left Santorini -- photos by Thanos




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